Hi, my name is Sarah Scudder. I am the wife of a pastor in inner city Philadelphia, the mother of a two beautiful girls and honorary big sister to a special girl who has been with us for close to 7 years (All pictured below). Being a pastor’s wife and stay at home mom keeps life busy but interesting. My husband and I enjoy our life of full time ministry, but it isn’t easy. Ministry’s hard – wear a helmet. Ephesians 6:17 “and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.



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  1. Hi! Congratulations on the Called Out article! So very true about the struggles, but I had never associated them with that scripture. I pray that your struggle is over soon, and that the testimony you will have because of it will bless many! I have a sister who lives in Philly (who is also a PW).

  2. Thanks for your transparency. While not in one of those hurtful church scenarios now, the memories of the last one are still fresh enough. So hard to maintain the right perspective in those times. It’s such a journey — full of ups and downs. So thankful for those God provides along the way to walk with. Trusting that God fills you with the knowledge of his will regarding the situation you’re facing and that you’d be quick to recognize deception and be strengthened to choose truth. By the way, I read some more of your blog — love your writing style. Keep writing!

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