Friend’s Suffering

I posted before a link to a friend I knew in college who recently lost her child. About a month ago another friend from college lost her husband after only being married a little over two years. Both of these women have been inspirations to me in their times of suffering. What I am learning from their struggle to keep the faith and pursue God in the midst of hurt has been convicting, encouraging, and has brought me closer to the Lord. Their testimonies are nothing shy of God’s wonderful grace transforming lives for His glory, and even though we don’t understand, for their good.

Here is a link to Ami’s post regarding her struggle with her loss and her amazing walk with her God.

Relentless Pursuit

2 responses to “Friend’s Suffering

  1. Also I was wondering who this is? I can’t find your name on your blog, and was trying to figure out who I know in Philly 🙂 But there are several possibilities. You can send me a message on facebook if you’d like. Thank you again!

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