Valentine’s Party (for a slightly older crowd)

In the past I posted a link to My Blessed Life and 16 Homemade Valentines Ideas. I was contacted and asked if I had any Valentine’s inspired ideas for a couple’s party. So for you, Jennifer, and anyone else who might want some ideas.

1. Hearts  – Make individual heart shaped pizzas (each couple can custom make their own), heart shaped veggies, and of course, heart shaped desserts like decorated cookies, chocolates, and even maybe some hot chocolate with a heart shaped dollop of whipped cream as the topping.

2. Candlelight – Even though there are multiple couples coming to dinner does not mean you can’t enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner. Set your lighting and decorate your table with some beautiful candles. Have a Valentine ready to send home with each couple describing why you appreciate them as friends. You can even include a rose with each note.

3. Kids- Sometimes it is hard to find babysitting. Why not have a wonderful Kids Valentine’s Party. Make those special crafts as families complete with heart shaped grilled cheese, and a cupcake decorating station. If you don’t bring the kids or don’t have kids you can still have fun being a kid again.

4. Memories – Another great idea is to have your guests bring their wedding albums to the party. You can spend time sharing memories. If the couples you are inviting are not married you can always have a time sharing first dates or best date nights, or even share worst date nights.

I hope some of these ideas have inspired you. Please feel free to share some ideas that you have used in the past.


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