Sunday Sermons


Pastor has been going through Philippians and boy is convicting! Today was the most convicting of the series. One statement that struck me to the heart was this:

“When we stand up for our privileges we are not being Christlike”

I realized today how often this past week, this past month and even this past year I have been trying to fight to keep the privilege of having others think well of me. I was challenged today to give that up. I am so tired of striving for a right that God has told me to lay aside. After all, Jesus, the perfect example, laid aside all the rights and privileges of God to be a man so that He could take all my sins, and in turn has given me all the privileges I need in Christ. So, I’m done with fighting the rights I shouldn’t have and I’m going to enjoy the rights that God has given me through Him (i.e. salvation, unending love, forgiveness, mercy, the Holy Spirit, adoption).

I am laying aside my selfishness and pride. As Pastor reminded me today, “if your lying on the floor you have no where to fall.”

I have been struggling so much with my attitudes of service. Instead I am going to be confident of who I am in Christ. I am going to remember that I am below everyone else. I am going to wait for God to exalt me in His time remembering that my job right now is to humble myself before the Lord. I am going to hope in the Lord and look to exalt His name use my life to bring glory to Him.

Thank you God for giving me exactly what I needed. May I walk away a doer and not just a hearer of Your Word.

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