Peace that Passes Understanding

I have been following an old friends blog recently. During her pregnancy her unborn son was diagnosed with Trisomy 18. She understood that her son would not live for very long and has been blogging her experience. She counted each day she had with him in the womb as a gift from God.

I wish we all had such a view on our children. She just lost her son a couple days ago and in the midst of this tragedy has held to the promises of God. I am thankful that God uses His people and hard circumstances for His glory. She has been a great encouragement and example to me as I see her love for God grow.

Kim you are in my prayers.

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Sunday Sermons


Pastor has been going through Philippians and boy is convicting! Today was the most convicting of the series. One statement that struck me to the heart was this:

“When we stand up for our privileges we are not being Christlike”

I realized today how often this past week, this past month and even this past year I have been trying to fight to keep the privilege of having others think well of me. I was challenged today to give that up. I am so tired of striving for a right that God has told me to lay aside. After all, Jesus, the perfect example, laid aside all the rights and privileges of God to be a man so that He could take all my sins, and in turn has given me all the privileges I need in Christ. So, I’m done with fighting the rights I shouldn’t have and I’m going to enjoy the rights that God has given me through Him (i.e. salvation, unending love, forgiveness, mercy, the Holy Spirit, adoption).

I am laying aside my selfishness and pride. As Pastor reminded me today, “if your lying on the floor you have no where to fall.”

I have been struggling so much with my attitudes of service. Instead I am going to be confident of who I am in Christ. I am going to remember that I am below everyone else. I am going to wait for God to exalt me in His time remembering that my job right now is to humble myself before the Lord. I am going to hope in the Lord and look to exalt His name use my life to bring glory to Him.

Thank you God for giving me exactly what I needed. May I walk away a doer and not just a hearer of Your Word.