BACK and hopefully more consistent than ever!

Hello again to all my readers! You might have thought I was gone for good, but it is not true. I am back and hopefully more consistent than ever. I took some much needed time to get myself, my house, and my children back into a “routine”.

I put routine in quotations because I recently came to the conclusion that as we now have one more child in our family, our ministry life is becoming busier, and as life happens, routine (as we used to know it) is something that is quickly disappearing and being replaced by a much busier, chaotic and yet wonderful new normal.

Part of the reason I was gone for so long is credited to my newest daughter Naomi. I will now list for you some of her many nicknames and I believe these names will be enough of an explanation: Trouble, the baby who never sleeps, and (most popular) “the worst”. Even now as I am writing I have had to stop several times to take cords, dirty diapers, and many other nasty things away from her. Where does she find them? I can honestly say I have no idea. It might not sound like it but I do clean my house and yet she still finds things that are dirty and dangerous. Baby’s have such a knack for finding the things they are not supposed to have.

I feel like I have been in a mommy fog for the past 7 months (which is as long as Naomi has been alive) and am now coming to clear thinking. So, I thought I would rejoin the blogging world. Trust me, anything I would have written before this time would have probably made no sense. Although maybe you would have enjoyed it?

Well, to conclude this salutation I will catch you up on our life from the last post. This Summer and Fall our family went to two weddings (one of which I made the wedding cake), two family vacations, regained our honorary family member Jessica who just graduated college and moved back home, lost her again (at least during the week we get her back most weekends) to a teaching job about an hour away, chased kids around, discovered and became obsessed with Pinterest, chased our kids around, planned and executed a surprise 20th anniversary party for Derick’s parents who have been at our church for 20 years (they’ve been married much longer than that), started running and using the “Couch to 5K” program (still working on it), completed some major house projects (finally put up our wood molding and baseboards), and did I mention chased our kids around.

Derick and I thought that once we got to the Fall things would slow down, but things are only speeding up. I hope you will enjoy my sharing of some of these great projects and our life in the ministry. I have lots of posts floating around in my head that I am dying to share so be prepared to stop by a lot this week. Enjoy the read. Pictures of our above adventures to follow.


One response to “BACK and hopefully more consistent than ever!

  1. Belated congratulations on your baby daughter! I know for me the transition from 1 to 2 children was very challenging!

    I have added your blog link to my blog, hopefully you’ll get some new readers 🙂

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