Please! Do Not Go Brain Dead!

I don’t know about you, but at times I struggle being a mom of small children. I hope that doesn’t make me a monster and that those of you who are reading will identify with me. I can’t be the only one with this problem. If I am, please don’t comment it will just make me feel worse. But if you do identify with me I encourage you to comment as much as you want. Just kidding I encourage all comments.

All kidding aside, there are times as a mother I do struggle to keep my brain at work. Of course, most of the time motherhood is challenging mentally, physically and emotionally. However, I feel like part of the struggle with small kids is that motherhood is mundane. Think about it, a baby eats, sleeps and needs a diaper change. These three activities basically take over your life 24/7. During my nursing time I really struggle with not going crazy with my thoughts. So often I feel like a milk vending machine rather than a person. I know this time is only for a season, but at times it can feel like forever.

Thankfully my husband has been so supportive in helping me to get out of the house, but there are still times I struggle. This past Wednesday night my darling husband stayed home with our 3 week old while I went to Prayer Meeting with my 3 year old. It was just what I needed. The Lord gave me some new ideas to use my brain for Him while living in this new season of life. So here are my resolves:

1. Work on memorizing the book James while nursing.

2. Listen to sermons online while nursing or during nap time for kids.

3. Engage my 3 year old in more activities with me.

These are just a couple of things I can do to enjoy this time of life and my children’s lives while engaging my brain in the things of God and my family.

Maybe some of you have some activities or ideas that you have used in the past. I would love to hear them.


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