What Does “The Vow” Mean to You?

My husband treats me to two “chick flicks” a year. One for Valentine’s Day and one for my birthday. I generally try to pick a good Romantic Comedy so that I don’t have to hear too much groaning from the seat next to me. (My husband is not particularly fond of Romance movies and he especially hates the dramatic ones). However, this Valentine’s Day there was slim pickin’s for a good romance movie. So, we chose to go see “The Vow”. I gotta say it was a bit disappointing. Although, the discussion I had with Derick on the way home brought us closer together so I guess it wasn’t a complete disaster.

If you haven’t seen the movie I would caution you on a few things. Don’t worry I won’t spoil the movie for you, but these were a few observations I made.

1) Hollywood doesn’t understand what makes a good story.

2) Hollywood has a pretty screwed up idea of what love is (I know not a shocker).

3) It was interesting to compare one character who was committed to marriage no matter what and another character who based everything they did on their feelings.

Overall, it was an interesting movie. Not because the story itself was touching or inspirational, but it was an interesting commentary on how this world views a relationship. It seems Hollywood and really the rest of the world is convinced that if you don’t have feelings for someone you have an excuse to walk away and not work hard to keep . . . well  . . . your “vows”. I know this shouldn’t be shocking to me, but it was. I was floored by the idea that marriage is all feeling and no work. Okay, I’m stopping before I ruin the movie for you.

On the way home, Derick and I started to talk about how we would make the movie better. The funny thing was, the next day we looked up the real couple that the movie was based on, and it had every element we had discussed the night before in the actual story. Commitment, hard work, true love. If you would like to read a real love story please read the below article about the real couple the movie was based on. Trust me there will be no disappointment there.

The real story of THE VOW.

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