Coming to the Finish Line

I have about 8 weeks till my due date of March 10th. I’m hoping I will not have to wait that whole time, but trusting in the Lord’s timing. I really feel like my instincts are telling me that I will have the baby early, but I have learned not to trust my instincts. They are usually wrong. I thought that my firstborn would come early and she wound up being a week late. So, I am getting things ready just in case, but preparing myself to wait.

My parents and Derick have been a huge help in my preparations. Derick has just been an all round awesome husband. He has been taking on more responsibility at home. He has helped around the house, with Sophia and is huge in helping me remember to take vitamins. I would not be able to do this without him. Also, we finally are close to picking a girls name. We have had the boys name since before Sophia was born, but girl’s names are always so hard for us to pick. It takes us forever and is the beginning of many arguments. But I think we are finally getting to the place of finding one. I will reveal the names soon. Derick says we still need to let the names soak before telling anyone. I am always afraid of letting him stew over any name since that usually means we are going back to the drawing board to start picking a name all over again.

My parents have been a huge help in getting us what we need for the new baby. For Christmas we got some gender neutral clothes for the hospital stay and first week of the baby. When Sophia was born I didn’t pack any clothes for her and she wound up staying in her hospital assigned hat and little t-shirt and blanket. Derick thinks I’m over dramatizing it, but I really feel bad that I basically left my daughter naked for 3 days in the hospital and am determined to dress my new child. Okay, now I see the exaggeration.

Also, for this new baby we will be using cloth diapers. We are looking forward to saving the money, but a little apprehensive about the cleaning. However, I realized since we are still potty training doing the extra laundry won’t be so bad.

I have also entered into my nesting stage. Although I can only do so much without my back hurting to the point of not being able to walk. But at least there is progress. This week my dad and Derick hung some shelves in Sophia’s room since the baby will be moving in soon. We hung the shelves to keep Sophia from getting into everything (read previous post). I don’t know how we ever lived without them. And now I am finishing hanging some decorations and still have to put the crib together and we will be all ready for the baby. So, as we are coming the end of the pregnancy I am getting more and more excited to meet my new little boy or girl. I hope to post some pictures soon of the finished nursery/toddler room and then of course of our new family member.

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