Nap time + Sophia = Disaster

For the last 3 days every time Sophia (my beloved two year old) has been put into her room for naps or bed time the result has been nothing short of disaster. Here is the order of events:

1)Walk in to find the Vics jar open with the Vics smeared all over Sophia, her bed, and on a couple of toys.

2)Walk in to find a whole wipes package emptied onto the floor about ankle deep.

3)Walk in to find half a bottle of hair product (like lotion) in Sophia’s hair, all over the bed, and sheets.

4) And the worst, walk in to find Vaseline spread all over Sophia, her bed, books, cd’s, walls, and night light she just received for Christmas.

Sorry there are no pictures, I realized I am not the kind of mom who runs for the camera. I am the mom who is working on being spirit filled so that I can discipline my daughter without sinning. Thankfully Derick was there at each of these times too and was able to give me a hand to clean it up. Unfortunately the night light didn’t make it, but I was able to save the book and cd’s.

You might be thinking why would you let this happen four times, but I honestly must say that each of the times we put away things we thought she would get into, and yet she still found a way to make a mess. She also was in trouble each of the times. I remember before I had kids both Derick and I thought surely those children you see disobeying and throwing temper tantrums were children who were not being disciplined by their parents. I am here to tell you this is a lie. The sinful nature is great and regardless of discipline there is still disobedience. I am amazed at Sophia’s capability to willingly disobey knowing that there would be consequences.

So, we have emptied Sophia’s room of all toys and things that she could possibly get into for the time being while we wait to get some more child (Sophia) proof containers for her room. One thing this has taught me is humility. I see my own sinful nature in all of this and am amazed again at God’s forgiveness and patience with me. I do a lot more than smear Vics and Vaseline on the walls of my life.

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