Pastor’s Job by Claudia Barba

I am a part of the Monday Morning Club. It is an email that goes out from Claudia Barba on some Mondays and her articles are always great. This one touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes as I thought specifically of my husband and father-in-law. I hope you are blessed to have a man like this in your life that you can call father, husband, or friend.


Most jobs call for a specific set of skills, but for ministry, a man needs them all. He needs to be . . .

A student of ancient languages, eschatology, hermeneutics, ecclesiology, soteriology, and apologetics who can communicate what he knows to a 6-year old.

The CEO of a corporation with a totally volunteer labor force.

A man of vision who can also manage details.

A father whose children recognize him in the pulpit, since he doesn’t put on a different face along with his Sunday suit.

A man who gives himself for his wife as Christ gave Himself for His church. Their smiles are the only ones that matter.

An adult with several degrees content with the salary of a teenager with none.

Willing to sacrifice anything–except his family—for his people.

Quick to run to comfort another’s broken heart; content to run to God alone with his own.

Able to carry weighty burdens without allowing them to crush his spirit.

A man who can live above reproach and yet be a true friend to those who don’t.

A prophet who rebukes sin and a priest who dries the sinner’s tears.

Able to serve milk and meat from the same spoon at the same time.

A servant who knows he has only one Master–and how to deal with those who think they’re Him.

Truthful but tactful, tough but tender, calm but fervent, firm but flexible, dignified but relaxed.

Shepherd, preacher, evangelist, administrator, counselor, financial manager, writer, referee, recruiter, organizer, motivator, and educator. Frequent chauffeur, proofreader, and song leader. Occasional gardener, janitor, and emcee.  May also be expected to be a mindreader.

This job is not just hard; it’s impossible! These men have rejected the notion of comfortable career for a calling that requires them to walk on water. And they make it look not only doable, but enjoyable. I give heartfelt thanks for these men– and for you, too, my friend, who more than anyone but God will ever know, help make this impossible job possible.


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