Sunday Sermons – The 5 Minute Sermon

We had a missionary who visited us this past Sunday. During our Sunday School hour he showed a video and took some questions regarding his upcoming mission field, Uruguay. After the questions he only had five minutes to preach. However, in the five minutes he had, he used for the glory of God.

It is no surprise that as a missionary he went to a very familiar passage, Matthew 28 – The Great Commission. His focus was not on the word “go” as we are used to hearing, but on the “teach”.

The command in the verse is not “go” but “teach”. We are commanded by God to make disciples. His challenge was are we fulfilling that command. So many of us get hung up on the go part that it keeps us from teaching God’s word. The Great Commission was not giving to a few choice Christians who are willing to leave their country to tell others about Christ, but it was given to all believers to use our lives for the glory of God. So many times we hear people say that they can’t witness because they need to accomplish things first, or get their lives together, but God says as you are doing these things you should be giving the gospel, building His kingdom.

I needed this reminder. Who am I helping to be disciple of the Lord as I potty train my two year old, or as I work in the youth group, or as I fix my house? As I am going along life’s road who am I teaching and how am I making disciples? Who are you teaching?

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