Pride, Patience and Potty Training

I was planning on writing a Sunday Sermon post this week, but was a little side tracked. Okay a lot side tracked. This week we decided to get serious and start potty training Sophia. Since the baby is due in a few months we thought it was better to get Sophia out of diapers so we would only have one in diapers instead of two. The cost was a big factor, but also Sophia is big enough to learn. I knew that the task of potty training would be difficult, but I guess just like any other task or big project you just never know what you are getting into until you are in it.

I am always talking with mom’s about potty training and looking at websites with their tips and good advice about potty training, but there really is no substitute for the actual process. It is long, it is hard and it is frustrating. I am proud of my daughter for how well she is doing. Overall it is much better than a previous time when we tried it and it just wasn’t time. So, I am happy that things are progressing, but I am just never prepared for the disappointment I have in myself. At times I wonder, Do other mom’s feel like this?  Do other mom’s find themselves crying because they are cleaning the 5th dirty pants in 2 hours? Do they feel like they are going to have to chase their kid around every ten minutes for the rest of their lives asking them if they have to use the potty to avoid accidents?

Last night as I laid in bed, exhausted, I was trying to think why I was so frustrated with myself. Why is this so hard? Think about it. I’ve changed diapers for the last 2 years, so why so frustrated when I am changing wet pants? As I was praying and feeling sorry for myself I realized, I wasn’t frustrated at the process, it was my pride that was frustrated. As a mom we all want to feel like we are successful. We want bragging rights that our child learned how to use the potty like a pro. We want to show other people how great we are at teaching our children. How good we are at producing a result.

What I realized is that I need to let go of my pride and realize that Sophia using the potty is just as much in God’s control as everything else. I need patience to wait on the Lord to help her with this new task. I need to fall on my knees and ask God to give me patience. Patience with Sophia, patience with the timing of when things are going to happen, and patience to work hard day after day. But also, I need to use this process as a teachable moment to help my daughter realize she needs God. Why not pray with her and ask God to help her use the potty. Why not take a minute when she wets herself and explain that we need God’s help when we make mistakes. That God cares about us and wants to help us when we fail and use that to show her pieces of the gospel.

So, today is a new day of training. Not just for Sophia, but for me. I need patience. I need to stamp out my pride. I need God.

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