Sunday Sermons – Baptism

I am the first to admit that I cry at everything. Well, really Derick is the first to admit that about me, so I guess I’m the second to admit it. I cry at weddings, I cry reading books, I cry during sad movies and even not so sad ones (i.e. Toy Story 3).  It is how I have always been. I blame my mom. She was known to cry as a child during episodes of Popeye. I wish I could blame the fact that it is because I’m a mom or because I’m pregnant, but the truth is I’ve always been this way. Although I will admit it has gotten worse after having Sophia. But one thing I am not ashamed to say I cry about is baptisms. Every time our church has a baptismal service I always tear up. However, if I am going to cry at Toy Story 3 (which in light of eternity doesn’t matter) why not be touched by the testimonies of fellow brothers and sisters who have been changed by the work of Christ and are identifying with their Savior in baptism.

Normally we have our baptismal services on Sunday nights; however, this past Sunday we had our baptismal service on Sunday morning. It was a real treat to use our whole service to worship Christ and rejoice with those who were obeying Christ’s command to be baptized. There were four who were baptized yesterday and my heart was filled with joy and awe of God’s grace and salvation. It was amazing to hear testimony after testimony of how Christ has transformed lives with His word and by His blood.

There was a father and son who were able to be baptized together. The father was a man who’s testimony I recently posted in a previous post. His son, another testimony I shared earlier who recently came to Christ at camp. A woman in her 50s who we have seen grow in the Lord in wonderful ways. And a 12 year old girl who was the flower girl in my wedding when 6 years old. Just amazing at the diversity and the richness of their testimonies. God can save anyone at any time and it was so awesome to watch. Praise the Lord for His saving grace.

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