Coming home and Going HOME

Today was one of those Sundays where the presence of God is undeniable. It was a Sunday that I will not forget any time soon. I hope I never forget it.

Today we had some long lost members from our church return home to our congregation. One man we haven’t seen since he was about 10 years old. Now he is 24. His parents came when he was little, but then left our church. Since then this boy (now a man) fell away from the Lord and His teachings. He ran into all kinds of sin and trouble and as a result a lot of misery. In the last month he has found the Lord. Or should I say the Lord found him. He started to going to another church but was unable to meet with the pastor of the other church. He remembered our church from his childhood and reconnected with Pastor (my father-in-law). Amazing how the Lord brought us to his mind. He has been to every service since. I watched his face today and just saw a comfort and a feeling that he was home. Everyone who remembered him rejoiced at his return. We are praying for him and looking to help him in his growth with the Lord.

There was another family who returned home this Sunday. They were away for a while but have kept in touch here and there. The Lord led them back again this Sunday. There were tears and more rejoicing of there coming back. I love the fellowship we share in Christ. Both of these examples were of fellow brothers and sisters coming, in a sense, to a church home with their church family.

However, there was one more example of a precious sister in Christ who went HOME today. This wasn’t someone who came to be with the local church today, but someone who went to their eternal home. The woman struggling with cancer I spoke about in an earlier post went to be with the Savior this morning. She was such a dear woman. A woman of faithfulness and joy. I will miss her greatly as will a lot of people in our church, but mostly we are rejoicing that she is now with her Redeemer where there is no more pain or cancer.

In all of these instances the Lord was present. The Lord was glorified in a soul’s repentance, in Christian fellowship, and in bringing a daughter of grace into His very presence. The Lord is at work. He is working in lives of His beloved and I am so overjoyed and overwhelmed to see it happening.

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