Emergency Room Visit and Many Other Events

Hi Readers,

Once again our lives have been a roller coaster of events that have kept me from the computer and from my dear blog readers. I guess in a way that makes for good interesting blog posts, but not always consistent ones. There are a few lessons I have been wanting to share as well, but I will fill you in on the events first and see what room we have left for the lessons. I might have to save some of it for another post.

Our roller coaster ride started in the beginning of the week. We were able to sell our car for a great price. Of course, our car had to give us grief one last time before the final sale. Derick got into the car with the buyer to head over to the auto tag shop to change over the title when the car wouldn’t start. It figures this would happen. It was almost like our car was saying, “I would like to cause you trouble one more time so you remember what I am like.” At least it made it easier for my husband to say goodbye to his first car. Thankfully, it was a $10 fix and that afternoon the buyer came back. Truly a miracle from God. He bought the car for the same price agreed to before the mishap. This started our life as a car-less family. In Philadelphia this isn’t too bad. It also helps that we are able to borrow my in-laws car for emergencies. We are now starting to save for a car. We are off to a good start. It has been humbling and amazing to see the Lord provide. Thanks to some very loving friends and even from some strangers the Lord is giving us what we need when we need it. There are just no words for the emotions that bubble up within me as I think of the goodness of God. It still isn’t easy right now to be without a car, but the Lord is showing us that it is in His hands and that He is in control and will always meet our needs.

The next thing that happened is that we just had our hardwood floors redone. We really needed to get rid of our carpeting. It was making me sick and it seemed the cat smell (from the previous owners cat) was getting worse. The company we used was another provision from the Lord. We moved our furniture, removed our cat stained and very smelly carpet. (I say we but really I mean Derick and some friends. I would never have been able to help with my over active sense of smell). Derick removed all the staples, and there were a lot of staples, and the work began. We moved out of the house for a few days to my in-laws basement and let the company go to work. The man who did our floors was very professional and very nice. The floors were in worse condition than anticipated, but he decided to charge us the same price originally quoted. He took pity on us (since he could smell the carpets too and could even smell cat as he was sanding the floors, YUCK). The Lord is taking great care of us.

We were planning on moving the furniture back into the house on Saturday, when I started having some cramps as well as some other pregnancy complications. So, yesterday instead of moving back our furniture, we spent the afternoon in the emergency room. Praise the Lord, the baby is still looking strong, and very active from the ultrasound. The only thing we weren’t able to see from ultrasound was the sex. This was a bummer. The umbilical cord was right in the way. The heartbeat is normal and everything else checked out normal. I am going for a follow up in a couple of days to my doctor and hope that everything continues to go well. This morning unfortunately I am home taking it easy, but rejoicing in the Lord.

Sorry for all the information, but this is my life right now. But as I look around my house, as I feel the baby starting to move, as I watch my husband take care of me and Sophia and the house and his job. As I see our friends generously give of themselves to help us, as I see my family loving us and caring for us, I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness. I am amazed at His provision. I am rejoicing to be called a child of God. I am overjoyed as God works all things for our good and His glory.

3 responses to “Emergency Room Visit and Many Other Events

  1. Sarah, if you need to go up to triage again in the future (I know how that is!), feel free to drop off Sophia on the way. She and the kids love playing together and sometimes having a visitor actually helps them get along better. (Not quite sure how that works! 🙂
    Praying for you guys, for God’s continued provision for your transportation needs (however He intends to provide there), and for God’s protection for you and the baby boy?? girl?? (I’m sad you couldn’t find out too! Did you have any guesses? We thought we “saw” David was a boy at a 16 week ultrasound, but the tech wouldn’t make any comments. 🙂 Sure enough, it was a boy!
    Do you have any inkling whether it’s a boy or a girl? 🙂
    So glad to hear about your floors!!! But yes, wow, it IS a major project! Glad you’re able to get it down before baby comes!

    • Thanks Becky! Unfortunately we have no idea if it is a boy or girl. The umbilical cord would not move either way so there was no indication. You would think as much as the baby was moving we would have gotten some kind of peak, but no. :0( Hopefully we are not too far away from finding out.

  2. Re: “At least it made it easier for my husband to say goodbye to his first car.”

    It was hard for me to see our car go. Not that we had any choice, as it was thoroughly smashed. But I’m sympathetic.

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