Hurricane Preparations

If you have been reading the news or watching any kind of television you have probably heard about Hurricane Irene headed straight for the Northeast. It has been interesting watching the news and seeing the preparations that are going on here in the city.

By the end of this weekend our city will experience its first earthquake and hurricane in over 50 years. I believe the news casters stated that it will be the first hurricane hitting the northeast since 1903. Some people believe that the government and the news crews are blowing this hurricane out of proportion, but I believe it is better to be safe than sorry.

Our family was supposed to leave today for a vacation down to the shore in Cape May, NJ, but since it was evacuated yesterday we will have to wait till after Sunday to see if we will actually be able to go on vacation this week. In the mean time we have extra water, some canned food, and extra batteries. I’m hoping the electricity stays on and we have running water, but if not it will be an experience to remember.

One thing that we are thinking about in a time like this is that God is the one who controls the storms. I’m thankful that He is my refuge and shelter.

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