Melt in Your Mouth Pancakes

Derick and I have been eating a lot of pancakes recently. I think it is a side effect of my pregnancy. So, we have been trying different recipes. Today I found my favorite. It was definitely blog worthy.

They are called Melt in Your Mouth Low Fat Pancakes, but I have renamed them strawberry shortcake pancakes because that is exactly how they taste. Of course, we tweaked the recipe a bit and it wasn’t as low fat when we were done but still better than eating strawberry shortcake for breakfast.

Here is the Melt In Your Mouth Pancake Recipe

These are the following changes we made:

We did not add the strawberries into the batter as they suggest. We sugared some strawberries and added them after. Also, we had some heavy whipping cream on hand from another recipe and so we made some whipped cream. As you fry up your pancakes you will enjoy a wonderful cake batter smell. After adding the strawberries and whip you will be in love like I was. Enjoy.

P.S. I did get a chance to try the rolo cookies from an earlier post and let me tell you that is truly yummy.

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