Celebrating Marriage – “Dancing in the Mind Fields”

My husband shared with me a song for our anniversary. It has become special to me. Andrew Peterson’s songs have always played a role in our marriage. I walked down the aisle to his song “Canaan Bound” which starts, “Sarah take me by the hand, tomorrow we are Canaan Bound. . . .”

So, it was special to me that we found another song that we can use to express our love for one another and the God given blessings He has given us in our marriage together. I hope you enjoy the song.

2 responses to “Celebrating Marriage – “Dancing in the Mind Fields”

  1. We like his music as well. I like his Christmas CD “Behold the Lamb of God”.

    I was just looking on Amazon. I didn’t realize he had so many CDs. I need to get ordering.

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