My 6th Anniversary

I am back from vacation, but not for long. This past weeks family vacation was great! I got to spend some extra time with Derick and Sophia as well as hang out with my sister-in-law (who is awesome!) as well as my in-laws (awesome too). We played some card games went to the lake a couple of times, but the best thing was that I got to lounge around. I’m lounging around a lot these days. It is quite sad when you can out sleep your two year old. Anyway, it was nice to lounge around and not have to cook (thanks to my mother-in-law). It was also nice to take a good nap every day. The fresh air from the mountains was good for my hypersensitive, pregnant sense of smell as well.

Now we are home, unpacking and doing laundry, and celebrating Derick and I’s 6 year anniversary. Today is also our church picnic (which I skipped out on so I would have the energy to actually go out for our anniversary. This morning I thought I knew what was in store for our anniversary, but Derick had a wonderful surprise. He is taking me away for two more days. So, I thought I was back to our home and routine, but I have two more days of relaxation ahead. Sophia will be staying with the grandparents and we are headed off to a hotel for two days. I was completely surprised. My husband still has some of that romance from when we dated.

So, in honor of our anniversary I thought I’d share a little of the story of how we got together. I counted this morning and realized that we have known each other for 16 years. Derick’s dad moved to our church 19 years ago. Even though our family went to our church since before they moved to Philly I didn’t really know Derick until I started going to youth group at the age of 12. He was really nice to me and had a godly reputation in our youth group. I was instantly hooked. Unfortunately the other girls in our youth group knew this all too early and made it very awkward. I’ve always hated drama. Anyway, thankfully, it didn’t keep Derick from talking to me and soon we were best friends. Of course, there were rough times. I was trying to prove that I wasn’t a teen stalker and he was trying to prove to everyone that he didn’t like me so our relationship in public was not the same as it was when we just hung out together with some close friends. We both tried to make it as clear as possible that we had made vows not to date in high school. We both just didn’t see the point. 

Derick graduated a year ahead of me and left for college. I followed to the same college the next year and we remained friends. But then during my Sophomore year on our way home from Christmas something changed. He saw me differently. The next semester we started dating and the rest is history.

Trust me when I say the story could have a lot more drawn out. There were many conversations between us about not dating and then dating as well as the nervous breakdown I had the day before our first date . . .  Okay I will share just one story.

I had set Derick up on a date with a friend of mine, and the night he got back he sent me an email inviting me to dinner. This, of course, was after he had told me that he didn’t want to date me the semester before. We decided to go out on Wed night and he had asked me Saturday night. We were both in the same choir and saw each other every day after that, but he never said a word to me. So, I thought he was mad at me for setting him up with my friend. I had a hard time sleeping and so my roommates were seeing that I was starting to lose it  a bit. They forced me to drink some NyQuil to get some sleep. They were all convinced that he was asking me out and yet I refused to believe it. Glad I went though. I married the best man in the world. I love him more every year. 

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