Hurricane Preparations

If you have been reading the news or watching any kind of television you have probably heard about Hurricane Irene headed straight for the Northeast. It has been interesting watching the news and seeing the preparations that are going on here in the city.

By the end of this weekend our city will experience its first earthquake and hurricane in over 50 years. I believe the news casters stated that it will be the first hurricane hitting the northeast since 1903. Some people believe that the government and the news crews are blowing this hurricane out of proportion, but I believe it is better to be safe than sorry.

Our family was supposed to leave today for a vacation down to the shore in Cape May, NJ, but since it was evacuated yesterday we will have to wait till after Sunday to see if we will actually be able to go on vacation this week. In the mean time we have extra water, some canned food, and extra batteries. I’m hoping the electricity stays on and we have running water, but if not it will be an experience to remember.

One thing that we are thinking about in a time like this is that God is the one who controls the storms. I’m thankful that He is my refuge and shelter.


Sunday Sermons – Highs and Lows of the Week

Hi Everyone! Sorry for not posting earlier. I really struggled this week with what to write. There have been some deep lows, but as I remembered the week there were some great highs. The Lord pressed on my heart that I could not keep either to myself because He is in them both.

This past Sunday morning Pastor was preaching an amazing sermon about fear. The Lord was really using it inĀ  my life. About 2/3 of the way through the message I began to get really dizzy and had to get Derick to walk me home. It was a little disappointing because I was really starting to feel a lot better. I was worried I would miss the Sunday night service again.

Thankfully, God was in it. I made it to the evening service and got to hear testimonies of two of our college girls who spent the summer counseling at a nearby Christian camp. I have known these girls a long time. One in fact lives with us. I was so proud of what the Lord has done in their lives over the summer.

However, the real highlight was hearing a young college guy deliver his first sermon. I have known him since he was 8 years old. He has struggled in college and with many other things, but with Derick’s countless hours of working with him getting his sermon ready he delivered a wonderful sermon. It is hard to put into the words the pride and joy I felt seeing what God has done in his life. It brought tears to my eyes (the good kind of course).

Then on Monday the lows began to hit. We had more car trouble and have had some hard decisions to make about what to do about keeping it. We are still not quite sure what to do, but God is already teaching us and showing us that He will supply for our needs. It is easy to say when we have what we want, but when we are really struggling and have to go without it is harder to trust. God has already shown us some miracles this week so I am not looking at the highs and lows but on Jesus.

Melt in Your Mouth Pancakes

Derick and I have been eating a lot of pancakes recently. I think it is a side effect of my pregnancy. So, we have been trying different recipes. Today I found my favorite. It was definitely blog worthy.

They are called Melt in Your Mouth Low Fat Pancakes, but I have renamed them strawberry shortcake pancakes because that is exactly how they taste. Of course, we tweaked the recipe a bit and it wasn’t as low fat when we were done but still better than eating strawberry shortcake for breakfast.

Here is the Melt In Your Mouth Pancake Recipe

These are the following changes we made:

We did not add the strawberries into the batter as they suggest. We sugared some strawberries and added them after. Also, we had some heavy whipping cream on hand from another recipe and so we made some whipped cream. As you fry up your pancakes you will enjoy a wonderful cake batter smell. After adding the strawberries and whip you will be in love like I was. Enjoy.

P.S. I did get a chance to try the rolo cookies from an earlier post and let me tell you that is truly yummy.

Sunday Sermons

God’s Word refreshes us. I was reminded again today that since God’s Word refreshes us we should be using it to refresh others. However, it isn’t enough just to have the verses there or to say them to another person, but what brings us the refreshment we need is the knowledge of the God behind the words of the Bible and what they mean.

I was challenged today as I thought about using God’s Word to encourage and refresh the souls around me in my body. What am I talking to them about on a regular basis. Am I pointing to the God of the Bible and giving His words to others so they can be drawn closer to the Redeemer? Or am I using my time to just talk about my family, my schedule, my hobbies. I was also challenged to pray that my words would be filled with God and that the hearer would be opened to hear them.

I hope you use your day of worship to think of God and talk about Him with others.

My Sweetheart Girl !

As my daughter grows I see more and more of her personality. She is one of the funniest kids I know (in my unbiased opinion of course). However, this week she has shown more than humor. She has become a very compassionate, and very comforting daughter.

I continue to struggle with my morning (or should I say all day) sickness. It seems to be getting worse as time goes on. There are some days when I can’t even stand up without gagging or running to the nearest sink. Yesterday was an extremely hard day. I can’ t help but feel guilty as I watch my husband work his regular jobs at church as well as doing dishes, taking care of Sophia, and cleaning the house. I really appreciate all his work.

We have had several people tell us that we are probably going to have twins. But we will find out for sure today at our ultrasound.

Anyway, through all my sickness my little girl has been the most comforting. As I’m laying on the couch she comes over and kisses my forehead and says, “You are my sweetheart.” Yesterday, she gave me a nice shoulder rub and said, “You are my best friend.” And last night after gagging a while she rubs my arm and says, “You can throw up, babe, its okay.” How does a two year old have so much kindness and comfort. I love her so much.