Reflections in Deuteronomy

I have been reading through the book of Deuteronomy which is Moses’ last sermon to the people of Israel before entering the promised land.

This past Wednesday in Prayer Meeting this book clicked in my mind as I shared a testimony of what I have been learning. I think it is interesting that Moses repeats over and over again a warning the Israelites. He tells them, if you follow God and obey His commands no other country will be able to fight against them. God would give all other nations and land over to the Israelites. However, if the Israelites forget God and turn after other idols God would give them up over to the other nations.

I started seeing the parallel in my own Christian walk. When I follow after God I have victory. Not that there aren’t battles or trials, but there is victory in walking close to Christ. But when I turn from God and begin following my own ways and even serve other gods in this life I find there is nothing but defeat.

As Christians we need to keep close to our God, follow His commands and the victory is sure in Christ.


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