Bathroom Boasting

I know a weird title, but I just had to share. After 7 1/5 weeks of feeling like a complete loaf I finally got to clean the bathroom. This might seem like a small task; however, I have left it go way too long and being 7 weeks pregnant with monstrous morning sickness, this was a huge win for me. I will spare you the nasty details of mold and hair and just say that was happy to take a shower in a clean shower and step out onto a clean bathroom rug with a clean towel.

Yesterday I spent some time in prayer asking that God would help me to accomplish even this one task. I also took about an hour nap before doing it, but it is finally done. Also, this morning while Sophia was eating her breakfast, I baked a cake for a girl in our church that will be coming over for a nice birthday dinner. So, I guess I am thankful for all this and so much more. Thanks for sharing in my joy.


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