I have my husband back – well mostly

I am a very spoiled wife and mom. Because Derick works only a couple blocks away, I get to eat all three meals with him, get to go to the gym with him, and be around him much of the day. Before he worked for the church and before our daughter we even worked at the same company so we were inseparable then too. 🙂

So, last week while Derick took our youth group to camp I was a temporary single mom. It just made me realize how much I love my husband and how blessed I am to have him around so much. Now that he is  back I have to try not to take too much of his time this week. He is getting ready to preach on Sunday since his dad (our pastor) will be on vacation. Which by the way, as hard as my father in law works I am so glad he will get some time to relax. We will leave Sunday afternoon to join them on vacation (something I have been looking forward to). So, I am working hard to make sure Derick gets the time he needs to study as well as the other things he needs to do this week. But it is still much better than having him miles away and sleeping alone.

Then next week I will have him completely.

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