Sunday Sermons

I must confess I recently was discouraged about my local church and the universal church as well. I started thinking things like, is our culture headed down a road where they feel like they don’t need the church?, will our church ever be out of financial struggle?

These are very depressing thoughts I know. However, God gave me some truths this week that peeked today during Sunday worship. The first reminder from God is that “on this rock [God Himself] I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18)

God is the one who will preserve the church not me, not anyone else. Just Him. He built it in the first century of our history and He will keep it going till His return.

Today was my second, third, fourth, etc reminder. God is powerful and He is working in powerful ways. He is building His church one soul at a time. Today in Shepherd group I got to hear testimony after testimony of people who God is bringing to Himself. One woman, who came for the first time, shared that she is still grieving the death of her husband who died about a year ago. She testified of how God was using her grandson to bring her to our church and to bring her back to God.

One of the most amazing was the changed life I saw today in Shepherd group. There is a teen boy that Derick and I have been working with for over a year. I shared his dad’s testimony before in my blog. This teen has been coming over to our house with his sister for 3 days a week since January and youth group even longer. We have shared the gospel with him numerous times. So had his dad, but he openly said he was not a Christian and didn’t think he could be saved. He went to camp this week . Sent with our church’s prayers. On Friday he finally gave his heart to the Lord. I saw him for the first time today in our Shepherd group and sitting there was a changed teen. I could see it in his demeanor, in his speech, in his attitude.

As our Shepherd group prayed over him and the other woman as well as other members of our body I couldn’t help the tears from coming. God is awesome. I love watching God at work. I love to see Him building His church. How could I ever doubt.

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