A Praying Life

I was reminded today of the importance of prayer. I was talking with Derick over the phone (missing him like crazy this week while he is at camp) and we began to talk about prayer. We both read a book called A Praying Life a while ago. Derick started reading it again this week and was encouraging me with some things I have forgotten. The first chapter of the book talks about how often we neglect to pray because we are too busy trying to clean ourselves up before coming to God. Or we try to mask our selfishness by thinking of the right words to say or the right requests to ask God. The book makes a great point that we do not need to any of those things. We are God’s children and just like our children we can come to God about everything. Our kids don’t try to mask who they are they just talk to us. We should come to God about everything. And when our mind wanders in prayer we shouldn’t be ashamed and stop praying but instead we should turn those thoughts to God and ask His help on all of it. We should be willing to give over everything to God. Even our little annoyances or selfish thoughts. Give them to God.

I needed this reminder. This afternoon during Sophia’s nap time I need to spend some much needed time talking to my Father.

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