Ramblings of a crazy (I mean pregnant) woman

Okay so I am coming up on week six of being pregnant for the second time. Let me just tell you, this baby is not joking around. I have the worst nausea I have ever had. With my first daughter I had a little morning sickness but mostly triggered by smells. This time I am sick all day basically and have the energy of a sloth. I am triggered by smells this time, but I feel like everything smells.

In addition, I have pregnancy brain and feel like I am one step away from my husband calling men in white coats to come and take me away. I can usually tell when I am doing something crazy by the look of horror in his eyes. This week I tried 5 times to run our dishwasher and have managed to only get it to work once. It is not that it is broken it is just that I am crazy. Every night I load it, I put the soap in and push the button to start it. At least I think I have until the next morning I come downstairs to find a load of dirty dishes still sitting there. I promise you I have pressed the start button. So, I have no idea what happened. One time I came downstairs in the morning to find it running. I think to myself, “how has it taken all night for the dishwasher to wash the dishes?” Until my loving husband informs me it was never on and he had to run it when he came downstairs. I also tried to make coffee and forgot to put the cone back into the machine. I just stuck the coffee filter in there. Thankfully the coffee still turned out okay, but I do have some cleaning up from it.

The scary thing is that my husband will be leaving me for a week to take our teens to camp next week. I am worried what will happen, but thankfully I live close to both my parents and in laws so I’m guessing I will survive. I just might not have any clean dishes for a week.

So, this is my ramblings from a sick pregnant woman who hopes this doesn’t last the whole first trimester. Here’s to hoping.

P.S. I finally convinced my husband to remove one of the smelly couches we inherited. Now to convince him to get rid of the other. It is hard to convince him I am right when I am talking crazy and crying about everything. I try to convince him sometimes I am speaking rationally through my pregnancy hormones.

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