Let the Sickness Begin

On July 4th 2008 I found out that I was pregnant with my little Sophia. Now she is over two years old and is growing up so fast. On July 2nd 2011 I found out that I am pregnant with baby number two. I guess our family likes March babies.

At first I was feeling very little symptoms, but this week it is like a baby hormone explosion. I am feeling very sick and tired. My husband has been so good to me in picking up the slack, but it just makes me feel even worse.

One of the worse symptoms is that I have an extra heightened sense of smell. Normally I can smell an overflowing trashcan in my kitchen from my bedroom. Now with the pregnancy I can smell it next door. Okay slight exaggeration but only slightly. Derick calls my sense of smell my super power, but it can be a real curse.

We recently were given a new sofa by a friend. We really needed a new one for our basement because our old one was well old. The new one is a black leather with much better cushions; however after my husband and another friend took about 5 hours to move it out of the old house and into our house we realized a major problem. There was a very distinct cat pee smell. I washed it with lysol, vinegar, odor powders, fabreeze. Everything! Yet the smell keeps getting stronger and I keep feeling sicker. So, my husband is going to try one last thing before we give up. However, I am not going down there till it is better. The baby just can’t handle it.

Also, this makes doing laundry hard – (see previous laundry post). Oh what is a pregnant girl to do. Can’t wait till the nausea stage is done.

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