Silver Lining

I received a call yesterday from a fellow Pastor’s wife and my closest friend. She is dealing with a messy situation in her church and just needed to talk. I have had these similar situations in my own church and hate when I have to have the uncomfortable, dreaded confrontations. If you are a Pastor’s wife, or an involved church member you can identify.

As I hung up the phone with her I realized a few things. First, people are messy. Two, confrontation is tough. Three, there is always a silver lining. I hate having situations in church that seem they are going to get so messy, so terrible you just want to run away. Especially when dealing with sin.  The truth is that when you confront sin head on the other person will either reject the truth or accept it and turn back to God. Either way it is good. Obviously it is heart breaking if the person rejects God’s truth, but if they do it will show them where they are in their relationship with God. It will help your church to see sin being confronted. If they turn back to God you have helped to restore your brother/sister to Christ.  When we deal with the sin the way God wants us to (even if that means church discipline) there is hope. The main hope is restoration of another believer. The hope is getting sin out of the church so that God will be glorified. In it all God is there. He has a plan in it all. All we have to do is obey.

So, for all of you out there battling with sin. Especially when you have to deal with confronting other people’s sin, remember, God is working. He is there with you. He will help you through it. He is working it all out for good.

P.S. I am also so glad that I have a friend that can trust me with her situations and that I can call with my situations. God is good to provide such great friendships.

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