Sunday Sermon’s Continued (as promised)

“The conscience is not to be healed if it be not wounded.” William Perkins

This weekend was a reflection on our need for God’s healing and realizing the purpose behind trials. I enjoyed Pastor’s sermon so much and was encouraged this Sunday.

Think about it: if God did not send us trials we would not learn to depend on God. We would not see our deepest need, God Himself. So, why does God test us with trials?

1. To reveal the health of our faith.

2. To display the power of God.

3. To increase our longing for heaven.

4. To reveal the awfulness of sin.

If you are facing a trial right now rejoice in God and grow. It is not easy, but it will bring joy. We need those trials in our life to bring us closer to God.  From the sermon on Sunday here is the path to God’s healing in trials:

1. Cry out to God

2. Believe in God’s power to heal

3. See problems as a test

4. Listen to God (Be still and know that I am God)

5. Obey God

6. Trust in God

I hope that you are encouraged by these truths. I was. I need reminding that it is God who brings the trials and it is God who does the healing. I want to be dependent on my God always. Not just when things are good, but during the hard times.

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