All My Needs?

I once had someone tell me that God doesn’t really supply all your needs. Really? He doesn’t? This thought got me thinking. If God’s Word tells us “my God shall supply all your needs” and God doesn’t really supply all my needs than what does it mean? Can I count on God to tell the truth? Can I trust that God is good or all powerful? Can God supply my needs if He wanted to and just doesn’t because He is mean? Or does God want to supply my needs and just doesn’t have the
power to do so?

This person I spoke to was struggling. They explained to me that if God supplied all our needs, there wouldn’t be people starving, or they wouldn’t be feeling so uncared for at times in their life. I started to believe this persons conclusion about needs. If God doesn’t or can’t supply our needs, than we are in big trouble. If the God of the universe, who spoke creation into being and provided salvation for sinners, cannot give people food in time of need than how much of a God is He? Why trust a God who says He will supply our needs and then doesn’t. These questions began rattling around in
my head and I needed an answer. I started to search for answers during my devotion time. God really does tell us
that He will supply all of our needs. Not just some. So, what do we say about the times when we don’t have a place to sleep at night, or when we do not have enough money to pay our bills and put food on the table? There are many Christians around the world and even a few I know who have this very struggle. So, what do we do to reconcile this in our mind?

God brought me to the verse where Christ rebukes Satan and says, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” This may sound oversimplified, but I believe it is the answer. God does give us everything we need. Who are we to tell God that we need food? If God decides to not give us a meal it won’t kill us to go without food for a little while. Of course, if that process is prolonged and we die of starvation our need was to be with God in Heaven. Sound cruel. It isn’t. God is more concerned with our spiritual life than our physical. At times that means our
physical bodies will suffer in order to feed us the spiritual food we need and ultimately it is God giving us more of Himself. What do we need above God? What could we possibly get in this life that could fill us more than God? Nothing. We need God more than food, more than comfort, more than shelter. We need God to feed us, to be our refuge, and to be the cleft in which we hide.

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