Summer Projects

It’s funny how one off the wall idea becomes a full on project. We moved into our current house almost 2 years ago. We have been working on it off and on since we moved in. I started to get discouraged with how slow the process was going. We have been trying to save up the money to put in molding and new carpet, but that is taking forever.

Molding – We have no molding right now because when we bought the house the previous owners put in wood paneling in both the living and dining room. No offense to those of you who put it in your home in the 70’s but really folks what were you guys thinking. Why was this such a popular thing? So, we ripped off all the wood paneling and then had to get new sheet rock put up. Thankfully we were able to hire some professionals for this job. When we took off the paneling we discovered that all the original molding in the house was removed for the paneling. So, after painting the walls we started saving to get the wood needed to install new wood work.

Flooring – after people came in to sheet rock the middle floor and painting occurred you can only guess what the current carpet looked like. Also, the previous owners had untrained cats that did not know how to use a litter box apparently. Enough said.

So, for the last 1 1/2 we have been waiting on the Lord to provide so we could get these two things done to finish the house. Then I can hang pictures and get curtains and turn it into a home. But due to car repairs and other emergencies we still don’t have the money. The last few weeks I had a pretty rotten attitude. I was having a pity party and thinking only of myself. But thankfully, God snapped me out of it.

First he changed my attitude. He used my husband’s discovery of C.T. Studd’s biography to remind me that God takes care of His people. Also, it reminded me that we are in the ministry and sometimes that means sacrifice. Derick can’t work overtime to get more money, but we are able to minister in an inner city where some people have never heard the gospel. I can go without new carpet for that.

Secondly, God gave me a cool idea. I was sitting in my living room when it dawned on me that I could refinish the floor myself for a fraction of the cost of new carpet. We have hard wood floors under our current carpet and even though it will be a lot of work at least we can afford it. So, this one thought has become our new Summer project.

I am so thankful for a husband who is willing to do it with me. I’m also thankful for a handy dad who knows how to do it and will be giving us his help and expertise on the matter. So, in the next month this is my project. I will be getting the floors ready to be stained. I hope to show you pics of my project once done.

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