Friends and Family Days

Today was the start of our Friends and Family Days. We started the week of meetings with our annual Community Picnic. It is always an interesting time. We serve free hotdogs, free popcorn, free snow cones. We also have balloons, pony rides, and facepainting. This all happens in the yard of our church that is about 20 ft by 10 ft. Not a big space. Although big for our neighborhood.

The rest of the week we have a special speaker that speaks twice on Sunday, and then Monday through Wednesday night.

This year I felt a little different about it. I started to become complacent about it. This was our 5 year doing it and so I kinda fell into the routine of it all. Today the Lord gave me a renewed passion for this ministry.

This year we had some of our newest members of church helping. Everything was new to them. They had never done it before. I was rebuked by their freshness and their passion for impacting the community by the spread of the gospel. I love these newest members and they served more than hotdogs and popcorn. They served me spiritually. They encouraged me and shook me out of my complacency.

My prayer is that the rest of these meetings will help to serve more in our community and within our own body. I am praying the Word of God will go out strong and powerfully.

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