Trashcans, Dresser, and Reading Rainbow

Today was a very productive day. I love those days don’t you? The kind of days where you seem to get even more done than your to do list and still seem to have time to spare. Although, that is not the main point of this post.

Recently on craigslist I bought a dresser. (I thought it was a great deal for real wood furniture, although my husband wasn’t too sold on it.) Since our move over a year ago we have been slowly, really slowly remodeling the house and getting each room where we would like it. Since we don’t have all the money in the world I have been trying to collect furniture and decorations piece by piece. Since I am collecting the furniture for the bedroom I decided to paint everything white to make sure it would match. So, this afternoon I went to work. I brought the dresser on our porch and started sanding and painting it. (I had to add this part to the post because I was so proud of myself for actually painting a dresser.) Also, my husband took out our trashcans to get hosed off and cleaned. That was definitely a job that was way overdue. It was the perfect day to do it since we finally got some relief from the 100 degree weather we have had.

While working on the porch my neighbor was coming home. I usually see them coming and going but very rarely do I get a chance to talk to them. Our neighbors are Muslim and are from Pakistan. This is not uncommon for our neighborhood. My mother-in law- has some great relationships with her Muslim neighbors, but I haven’t had much of an opportunity to talk to mine. I have been burdened to get to know them, but don’t really know how. But today, thanks to the dresser I got a chance to start a conversation.

“Have you ever seen Reading Rainbow? Like when you were growing up?” asked my neighbor.

“Yeah I loved that show.” I said.

“I remember watching an episode where they were painting a dresser and they carved moon and star shapes into the dresser. I thought it was so beautiful and I remembered it when I saw you painting.”

The conversation didn’t get any deeper than that and it was pretty short, but it was a start. I am thankful to God for the opportunity to start talking to my neighbors and I am  hoping this will be only the beginning of a relationship I can use to give the gospel. I love that here in Philly you can talk to people from all over the world without every having to leave your front porch. This is one of the perks to living in a row home in Philadelphia. Our houses are very close together.

I think I will look for more excuses to be on my front porch this Summer.



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