I love my in-laws. We have all heard the in-law jokes, or maybe have  heard some terrible horror stories, but I can’t identify. I just love my in-laws and am blessed to have joined their family.

Here are some quick facts about my in-law situation. We live four block away from them. My father-in-law is the Senior Pastor of our church (my husband is the Associate Pastor). I’ve known my in-laws since I was 9 years old. (My in laws moved to Philly 18 years ago from Eastern North Carolina and have never looked back.)

I have always enjoyed my in-laws first as my Pastor and his wife and now as their daughter-in-law. Or as my mother-in-law likes to call me “daughter-in-love”. I couldn’t imagine having better in-laws. I love the fact that we  live so close. (Especially days where I’ve needed to borrow a cup of sugar, or a car.)  I love their kindness and care for us. But most importantly, I love ministering along side them in our church. My in-laws have such a special love for the people in our church. Their testimony and ministry is a constant rebuke and encouragement to my ministry. Their wisdom and discernment in situations that come up stirs my heart and compels me to study God’s word so that one day I can follow in their footsteps. I watch in awe as they tirelessly serve our congregation.They run circles around Derick and me.

There are many nights where Derick and I come home from a service or from spending time with them and reflect on how much we appreciate them. We can’t imagine serving our church or serving the Lord without them. We feel our church would be at a loss without their guidance, service, and love for God and His people. I am very thankful for my in-laws. We are blessed to have them and pray that we will have them for a long time.

P.S. My in-laws are not that old. I am just looking into the future

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