Frozen Gramwiches with a Flare

Our family has been working really hard to lose some weight and to help get our body in better health. We have been hitting the gym hard and have changed our eating habits. We still cheat on the weekends, but overall the weekdays are for eating healthy. That being said, we have found some great healthy recipes that taste really good. Trust me! My husband would not be eating them if they did not taste good.

One recipe I found was Frozen Gramwiches (found in the Biggest Loser Cookbook). Super easy recipe:

2 whole low-fat graham crackers

1/4 cup light or fat-free frozen whipped topping (any flavor)

Of course, we couldn’t just leave it there. My husband and I discovered a little trick that takes this dessert from yummy to amazing.

We add some strawberries slices to the sandwich. I also like the fat-free whipped topping better because there is very little sugar and no saturated fat. If you are stick in the heat like we are trust me these are a nice touch. Enjoy.

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