Time To Air the Dirty Laundry

Okay, time to be transparent. My husband and I rarely fight! It’s true. However, the one thing that always seems to be our source of contention is the laundry. I just really struggle with getting it done. It takes me a long time to get it to the basement. It takes me a long time to change over the loads, then it takes me a long time to get it back upstairs, and then  it takes me a long time to get it put away. Once this all finally gets done it is about time to do it all over again. Needless to say, my husband hates it.

I really try hard to get better at it. I know it annoys him. I also know it causes him more work when he doesn’t have pants to wear on Sunday, or a shirt for a meeting. I don’t do it on purpose and I try every week to make it better. However, after a couple of weeks of doing really well with getting it done and put away it is inevitable that I am back where I began. As a result, we are back in our same arguments about the laundry. He rarely has any other complaints, but I realize this is a big one. If you can’t trust your wife to provide you with clean underwear who can you trust.

In the past, I have tried to pick day of the week for laundry. I have tried doing a little all week. It has all failed.

Today I write this confession after having another argument. After feeling like a lousy wife, and after seeing the problems it has caused my husband. I am truly sorry. I am going to try a new system. My husband has decided to do his own laundry and I am bound to not let that happen. My new system is going to be to race my husband in getting his laundry done. So, every week I am going to beat him at cleaning his own laundry. You all pray for me. I hope I can be the first to get it done and win the race.



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