Yo-Yo Car

This past week our 1991 Toyota has taken a turn for the worse. Our car (or as my husband likes to call his baby) has been in and out of the shop. It has served us well in our ministry. We rely heavily on it to fulfill our responsibilities. However, I am not sure how long it has left.

We took it in over a week ago to be looked at. We have a mechanic that we trust and is very affordable. He looked at it, thought he solved the problem and we picked it up the next day. However, after driving it home, my husband realized it still had the same problem. So, we took it back. Then the mechanic kept it for another week. Replacing different parts and trying to figure out the source of the problem. (Don’t worry I won’t bore you with details of the car, I don’t really understand it all myself). He thought he had fixed it, so we paid him a lot of money and took it home again. It ran great, for ONE DAY. Then today as I was driving the rattling came back as my hopes left. I dreaded telling my husband. Especially when we really need the car this weekend and because we are tired of the whole ordeal as well as running out of money to put into the car. I am hoping Derick’s baby is not on its death bed. We will see. It has gone back to the mechanic and we are awaiting the diagnosis.

All this being said, it is a testing of our faith. All the responsibilities we have. All the jobs we need to do are God’s. If there is something he wants us to continue, He will provide our needs to get them done. If He has something else in store for us, He will work it out. I just need to remember this as I begin to worry about our finances, the car, and the other people this will affect. God’s in control. Now is the time to show that off in my life. Not in a that’s an interesting theory sort of way, but in a very practical way as I trust God. To show others the mighty hand of God as I sit back and watch how He will provide and take care of us.

Lord, I want my life to reflect Your glory. I want people to see You in this situation as you provide for your children. We sit in expectation to see Your power work, but ask for patience for Your timing. We ask for your wisdom and grace as we make decisions. But mostly we long to see Your name lifted high in all things.


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