Bed Bugs and Blessings

Since early in our marriage, my husband and I have made it our goal to view our home as God’s home. We wanted our home to be used as a blessing for God’s people and to open it to all who are in need. God has thoroughly tested us on this.

After only 10 months of marriage, we moved in our first house guest. Since then, we have had a steady stream of houseguests, as many as four others at a time, stay with us in our home. I would be lying if I said it was easy. But ministry’s hard” and the blessings have always been numerous. God always provides us with what we need to serve in this special way. After about four years of inviting people, and even families to stay with us, I thought I had learned all I needed to learn. I was the master of hospitality. Nope! God had another lesson in store.

A while back there was a woman at our church that, through different circumstances, had to move into a homeless shelter with her 10 mo old baby. Unfortunately, due to circumstances she was not able to move into our home; however, a different opportunity presented itself.

One Sunday morning I went over to speak to the woman regarding the shelter. I could tell just by looking at her face she was in need. This woman, who usually was talkative and always smiling, looked haggard, weary, and pale. As I tried to ask her about her week, she broke down in tears. She expressed to me that even though she knew she needed to stay in the shelter for family reasons, she was discouraged and in desperate need of sleep. I invited her to stay at our home that Tuesday during the day (when she didn’t need to be at the shelter) for a long needed nap. I picked her up and on the drive
home began to ask her about the shelter. It was then that God began His test.

I was feeling pretty good about myself for being able to help someone in need. I felt good that the Lord showed me a way to help, but then she said these words, “they have bed bugs in my room at the shelter”. They technically weren’t on her side of the room, but still, I don’t want bed bugs in MY house. I have my own child to worry about. Do you realize how hard it is to get rid of bed bugs? The bed she is going to be sleeping on has a comforter that is not machine washable. All of these thoughts and more came flooding into my head. Am I really going to keep her out of MY house because of bed

It was then that God brought to mind our family goal. “Is it really your house or my house?” It was as if God was talking right into my ear. God is right; my house is not mine it is His. He has given it to me and He chooses how I use it. This was a way to be a blessing to someone who really needed sleep. I had a bed to give and time to watch her child. And it was a blessing to see the smile return on her face after she woke up as well as hearing all that God is doing in her life through this time in her life. And of course, as of yet no signs of any bed bugs.

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