I LOVE Being A Girl

This past Friday I had the most awesome time. Normally, on a Friday night my husband and I lead our church’s Junior and Senior Youth Group. We have done it since we were teens, and love spending time with the teenagers. Normally our two year old daughter stays with my parents and gets spoiled rotten and has what I believe to be necessary time with the grandparents. However, this weekend was different. My parents are on vacation and so I was able to stay home with MY GIRL.

Recently we haven’t had too much mother/daughter time. I have been watching some church member’s kids during the day and so that has left us with little time for just us. She has been really good about it though. She loves people so it isn’t too hard for her to deal with, but I’ve really missed it. So, this past Friday was just for us. We called it “Our Special Day”. When Daddy left for youth group the party broke out! We went all GIRLIE. We baked, played with dolls, played some games, read some books and colored. I loved it! I’ve forgotten how much I just enjoy my daughter. She is funny, sweet, and has a great imagination. I just couldn’t think of a person I would have rather spent time with on Friday. (No offense to the teens or my husband.) The happiest moment of the night was when my daughter turned to me and said, “This is fun Mommy this special day is just so much fun”. I felt the same way. I can’ t wait for our next “Special Day”.


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